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Apiary inspection number two

Patrick and I did another inspection of the apiary hives on Sunday. This was the last inspection that will be done by only Patrick and I. We have organized a small team who have each taken on responsibility for inspecting a hive or two. They will come in to the apiary individually and separately to inspect their hives and so (more…)

First inspection

Patrick and I carried out our first real inspection in the apiary yesterday. We observed the current Corona virus guidelines by remaining a minimum of two metres apart. Patrick inspected the hives down one side of the apiary while I did the other. We got changed in the open and minimised going into the Miller hall and the changing room. (more…)

Wild colony rescued from Richmond Park

Gill and I were contacted by Richmond Park and asked if we could have a look at an oak tree which had become dangerous and had to be felled. There was a wild honeybee colony in it which was now at ground level and so they had put a barrier around it to prevent people getting too near. Would we (more…)

First inspection March 2020

This is my first inspection of the apiary colonies this year. Always a bit trepidatious as I’m never sure what I’ll find. Today was about 13 deg. C and all bar two of the colonies were flying – some more than others. While having flyers outside the hive is a good thing it doesn’t necessarily mean all is well. We (more…)

Apiary bees in late February

I was in the apiary last week – it must’ve been about 15° - warmer than it usually is for this time in February. I had a quick look at the hives and bees were flying from all the hives. Of course some were flying stronger than others. I had a quick look at the outsides of the hives just (more…)