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What’s going on in the apiary

We’ve been out of touch for a while so I thought I’d give a brief update of the state of the apiary. Winter hasn’t been good to us. We went into the winter with nine colonies which is arguably too few in the first place and we came out of Wnter with eight. The colony we lost during the winter (more…)

You don’t see this very often

I was in the apiary the other day having a quick scan round the hives when I saw this at the entrance to one of the hives. At first glance, it looks like a beetle has been trying to get into the hive but the bees have caught it, killed it and have left it hanging outside the hive for (more…)

apiary update 11-06-2020

In the main, things in the apiary are moving ahead. We have a mixture of colonies – some bigger than others as you’d expect. We have not yet hit the main flow – which nominally starts on the 1st July – but we have at least two hives which need honey to be taken off else the apiary will run (more…)

Apiary update 2

Just an update of the state of play at the apiary. We have mixed results as you’d expect and what is written here is based on the records of the past week (w/c 25th May). So, in no particular order … Hives 7 and 8 with two nucs in the foreground Hive 8: is doubled brooded and has five supers, (more…)

Apiary update

We haven’t had an apiary update for some time now so I thought I’d better rectify that. The apiary looks very different thanks, indirectly,  to the virus. It is no longer the tidy and well maintained garden that the Tuesday folks kept in shape. Instead it’s now a bit wilder.  Christine and Joe kindly strimmed around the hives to give (more…)