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What’s going on in the apiary

We’ve been out of touch for a while so I thought I’d give a brief update of the state of the apiary. Winter hasn’t been good to us. We went into the winter with nine colonies which is arguably too few in the first place and we came out of Wnter with eight. The colony we lost during the winter (more…)

You don’t see this very often

I was in the apiary the other day having a quick scan round the hives when I saw this at the entrance to one of the hives. At first glance, it looks like a beetle has been trying to get into the hive but the bees have caught it, killed it and have left it hanging outside the hive for (more…)

Asian Hornet in the wild

This is a video of Asian Hornets I took while on holiday in the south of France in 2017. It was shot in the grounds of a hotel. Apologies for the bad camerawork. It was the first time I had encountered live Asian hornets and I didn’t know how they would react to being filmed so I was a bit (more…)

Tasks in the apiary for September

We’re coming to the end of the season but there are still things to do in the apiary. Varroa treatments should be well underway and we should be taking precautions against robbing. These, and other topics are dealt with in this week’s video. (more…)

Bumblebees and solitary bees

This week’s training is a video from Simon Silvester about bumblebees and solitary bees. Both these type of bees are the unsung heros of pollenation. A lot of beekeepers give the impression that it’s the honey bee that is the preeminent pollenator amongst the hymenoptera but in reality bumbles and solitary bees are just as effective. Honey bees benefit from (more…)