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What’s going on in the apiary

We’ve been out of touch for a while so I thought I’d give a brief update of the state of the apiary. Winter hasn’t been good to us. We went into the winter with nine colonies which is arguably too few in the first place and we came out of Wnter with eight. The colony we lost during the winter (more…)

Apiary colonies number change

Layout and naming/numbering of the hives at Twickenham. This is the current state of play of the hives at the Twickenham apiary. We went into winter with nine hive and two nucs but unfortunately two of the hives didn’t make it through. We’re down now to seven hives and two nucs. I’ve taken the chance to rename/renumber the hives and (more…)

First inspection March 2020

This is my first inspection of the apiary colonies this year. Always a bit trepidatious as I’m never sure what I’ll find. Today was about 13 deg. C and all bar two of the colonies were flying – some more than others. While having flyers outside the hive is a good thing it doesn’t necessarily mean all is well. We (more…)

Grey or ashy mining bees

First swarm call of the year today. Chatted with the the person concerned over the phone  to do my filtering to make sure they were honey bees and it is a swarm. Hmmm. They weren't wasps. But they appear to swarm around a laurel tree when it gets warm and sunny. And they're black and white. The person kindly sent (more…)


Finally, I got round to fitting the mouseguards on the hives in the apiary the other day. By all accounts I’ve left it a bit late, the idea being to get the guards on just before the bees start to cluster and before the mice get in to the hive. I tend to be a bit tardy on fitting the (more…)