Tasks in the apiary for September

We’re coming to the end of the season but there are still things to do in the apiary. Varroa treatments should be well underway and we should be taking precautions against robbing. These, and other topics are dealt with in this week’s video. (more…)

Bumblebees and solitary bees

This week’s training is a video from Simon Silvester about bumblebees and solitary bees. Both these type of bees are the unsung heros of pollenation. A lot of beekeepers give the impression that it’s the honey bee that is the preeminent pollenator amongst the hymenoptera but in reality bumbles and solitary bees are just as effective. Honey bees benefit from (more…)

Bee’s wax- what it is and what to do with it.

This week’s online training concerned bees wax. Wax is one of the several products of the hive that can be put to good use by beekeepers. This week’s training outlines what wax is, where it comes from and some of it’s uses. The training goes further and outlines what can be done with wax if you want to enter competitions (more…)

Honey and its extraction 10-07-2020 – online training

Last Friday (10/7/2020) we had another online session. This time it was about honey and extracting honey, after all it is the time of year where extracting honey is at the front of every beekeepers’ minds. The topics covered in the session included: what is  honey and how is it made?,  what to do in the apiary before you extract (more…)

An attempt at queen rearing 5

The ‘nursery’ at Mole. You can barely see the apidea in the middle left of the picture. Just to round up what has happened with the attempt at queen rearing for this season. Well, it had mixed results. My aim was to produce enough queens to have three more colonies for the apiary that would have a reasonable chance of (more…)